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15 de fevereiro de 2011

Christ For The Nations - Sovereign (2010)

01. Counting On God (ft. David Butterbaugh)
02. Open Up The Skies (ft. Brian Ming)
03. Mighty Warrior (ft. Klaus Kuehn And Mike Massa)
04. We Give You Praises (ft. Marty Nystrom)
05. Arise And Shine (ft. Marco Barrientos)
06. Spontaneous Song (ft. Gabriel Allred)
07. You Are Sovereign (ft. Russ Taff)
08. Spontaneous Song (ft. Klaus Kuehn)
09. Praise The Name of Jesus (ft. Keith Hulen)
10. More Than A Song (ft. Gabriel Allred)
11. Great Is The Lord (ft. Brian Peterson)
12. Satisfy (ft. Gabriel Allred)

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